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Updates To Post Score Influencing and Game Rating

Posted By on May 14th, 2021

Today, we are making a small update to the Video Game Ratings and Post Reaction/Influence interface. Previously, there was only one slider before, which made it really confusing and not clear what you rated or what the current score was. Based on feedback, we've fixed it.

Updates To Post Reactions/Influence

One of the biggest difference between and other gaming aggregators and social platforms is that you can react to a post based on how that post makes you feel about the game. For example, if news breaks out a game will have microtransactions, you can react negatively to the post and the score will drop. Alternatively, if news breaks out for a game and it's something good, you can react positively and the score of that game will go up. But it's not limited to news, your reactions and influence works the same for reviews and videos as well.

Announcements video game

Here is the new system for Post Influence. We had some confusion before, with people reacting based on the quality of the post, as opposed to how the post affects the game. This has been updated, now you have a bar showing the current score for reactions to the post, with a slider you can drag to adjust how you feel the post should influence the score.

We can see that this post, which is about Call of Duty: Black Ops getting more content, was influenced positively. The score went up a lot, (the influence you have depends on your level based on how much you've contributed) due to the good news. Now, you can see how much the score changed, the average of all post reactions/influence, and what you voted. If you leave the page and come back, the score you voted will be remembered! This is an example of how hard work on can pay of and give you lots of power. You won't be making changes to scores on that level when you first join, but hang around and you can have a lot of influence over scores just by reacting to posts! How cool is that?

Updates To Game Rating

Not only game rating, you can rate gaming consoles/platforms, developers, publishers, gaming news sites, and localizers. Rating these had the same problem post reactions/influence did, it wasn't very clear. We've also fixed that as well. Take a look.

Announcements video gamePreviously, there was only a slider, it was pretty confusing for a lot of people and that was our bad. But now it is much better. You can see how many Game Pads a game has in each category, and below is the slider so you can change it. Like Post Reaction/Influence, will remember how you voted so you can come back and change your ratings later. Your ratings will affect the score of what you're rating. The more you rate, post, and contribute to, the more influence and power your ratings and reactions have over scores.

Being able to rate specific parts of games has been a longstanding feature of and we've constantly gotten positive feedback. Not only is it more entertaining for you to rate games based on different aspects, but it makes it a lot more clear why a game has a certain score, because other games can look at what exactly went into the ratings.

Other Bug Fixes

We fixed a few other smaller bugs, including some error messages displaying when they shouldn't have, like a false alarm type of thing. There were also a few small visual changes and small unimportant bug fixes that should make more enjoyable for you to use.

Thank you all for your support and kind words. We have even been receiving a few pieces of fan mail thanking us for what we're doing and what we've made. But would be nothing without your support and your help in growing it and making it is what it is today. Thank you for your kind words, this has always been more of a hobby than anything else and we appreciate it when you give us good feed back.

Updates To Making Posts

This probably isn't worth it's own post, so we'll include it here. We've added a length suggester when you go to write a post (news, videos, reviews) on It will now notify you when your post is the recommended minimum length, when it's long enough to be indexed by search engines, and when it's long enough that you've earned a follow link for the optional URL you've included with your post. We have lots of requests for these types of things and we hope that being more transparent with you will help you understand the work you are putting into your posts on

See you all soon, thanks for stopping by!


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