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Score Trends: More Gamer's Choice Contests

A brand new take on Gamer Choice awards, where you create the categories and you vote on games. Skip the nonsense game awards!

Game Sense Choice Contests are a new take on video game awards, that are completely driven by you. There are no things like splitting votes between judges and your vote, or having the opinions of staff influence results. Everything is up to you!

Each Contest consists of categories created by you and other gamers. Anyone is then free to nominate games for that category. Ranking is then determined by how everyone votes on those games in each category.

Currently Running Video Game Contests

Contests that you can currently vote in and create categories for.

Sorry, there are no current contents running. Please check back later for new ones

Closed Contests

Contests where creation and voting is finished.

GameSense User Choice 2020

The first-ever User Choice awards. Create categories and vote on which games deserve awards!

GameSense User Choice 2021

Choose the best and worst games of 2021, create your own categories or nominate your games

GameSense User Choice 2022

Create your own award categories and nominate any games you want.