GameSense User Choice 2021

Choose the best and worst games of 2021, create your own categories or nominate your games

JRPG of the year

best JRPG of 2021

Best Game Of 2021

The absolute best game you played in 2021

Biggest Disappointment Of 2021

A lot of really big promises were made this year, with a lot of huge releases that left a lot of gamers very disappointed.

biggest surprise

a game no one expected to be good but turned out awesome.

Greediest Game

A game that makes the pay pigs pay, usually free to play but people give it too much money

best indie game 2021

best indie games is the year

Best Remake

Remakes are usually lazy cash grabs but sometimes they end up being really great.

Worst Game Of 2021

There were a lot of bad games this year, but which ones were the worst?

Worst Online Multiplayer

Games that have very bad online