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It's a small piece of embedable Javascript you can place in your website or blog.

Once embeded, the widget will lets anyone sign up and rate or post about your game. It's a great way to spread awareness of your game and to get gamers' opinions.

The Game Widget will feature your score and links to your game on The score, and posts (if you've enabled it) will updated automatically. You just have to copy paste the embed code generated below and you'll be good to go!

At, we've spent years working on, trying to make it as great as possible. We're sure you've poured the same passion into your video game. But we know one of the most difficult parts of making something is getting it into people's hands. Which is why we've created the Game Widget to help you promote your video game.

The Game Widget is a small piece of HTML code that creates a connection from your website or blog to the page for your video game. Your video game on GameSense allows gamers, or yourself, to post news, videos, and reviews about your game. Gamers then can react to posts, as well as rate your game, to change the score. ranks games based on these inputs from gamers around the world. If a gamer is a GameSense Guru, basically a power user, and they post about your game, it'll automatically be featured on all of the social media! All for free!

Displaying customer reviews, news, and videos on your website is a huge marketing advantage. If your game earns a high score, it's even better for your video game. A high score on means far more than other gaming sites. scores aren't pulled out of thin air, like most gaming scores. They are meticulously calculated based on tons of different variables, posts, posts reactions, ratings, and more, from gamers around the world. You can think of it as having the benefits of a gaming forum mixed with having the benefits of a review site.

The internet is more social than it's ever been in history. Gamers are turning to other gamers for what video games to play. And gives gamers the tools they need to rank and organize video games how they want to. More and more gamers are turning to reviews and ratings for what to play. makes it easy to get more gamers involved with your video game!

Create Your Game Widget

If you're looking for something smaller, try making a Button instead.
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    Find Your Game

    Search for your game in the database of video games and select it. If your game isn't in the database, you can add it. is an open database that allows anyone to add video games to it.

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    Change Settings

    Configure the widget how you like. It can even show the latests posts made about your game.

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    Embed The Code

    Copy and Paste the generated HTML code in your blog or website whereever you want it to appear.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits? users can add your game to their backlog, and get notified whenever there's a post about your game. You can monitor how gamer's opinions affect the score, discuss the game on, and post news and other things.

What Does It Cost?

It's completely, 100% free. We believe developers work hard on their games and have a right to share their work with gamers.

What Games Are Allowed?

As long as they aren't full on porno games, you're allowed. It doesn't matter how big or small your video game is. It's welcomed on, and we look forward to helping you connect with gamers and to promote your video game.

Does It Have To Be My Game?

No, you can use the widget for any game you like.

Can I Post About My Game On

Absolutely! You are free to post your own videos, articles from other sites, and more. We just ask that you make it transparent and obvious that you're promoting yourself by using your same name and branding, usually you would create an account for your developer. It should include your development name and logo to make things official.